Areas of Concern Addressed

We help children who have difficulties with:

Fine Motor Skills

  • Illegible writing for their age
  • Difficulty using scissors or utensils
  • Inability to manage age-appropriate fasteners on clothing

Play Skills

  • Does not look at people in the eyes
  • Does not use pretend play
  • Overly focuses on one type of play (e.g., stacking or spinning objects)

Self-Help Skills

  • Difficulties with feeding
  • Picky eater (does not try new foods or foods that are messy, and frequently has tantrums during mealtime)
  • Difficulties with dressing
  • Extreme resistance to grooming or bathing activities

Sensory Processing

  • Has difficulty sitting still at school
  • Does not tolerate getting messy
  • Has difficulty with changes to their schedule or routine
  • Has difficulty calming / self-regulating
  • Is fearful of playground equipment

Motor Planning

  • Difficulty following verbal instructions
  • Difficulty imitating body positions
  • Coordination problems (clumsy or uncoordinated)

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