Director’s Statement

John E. Goodfellow, owner and Occupational Therapist, opened Goodfellow Occupational Therapy in 1999 and continues to serve the Central Valley. Goodfellow Occupational Therapy is a private pediatric occupational therapy clinic and school- based practice that has been serving this community to help children and their families improve their lives. We provide services to the following counties: Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Monterey, and Tulare.

Goodfellow Occupational Therapy’s mission is to provide innovative therapeutic intervention for children with function and developmental limitations. With the aim of improving a child’s independent function in the areas of activities of daily living, play, and other environments, we have staff with specialized training and certification including NDT and SIPT. Therapy is provided in natural and child-friendly settings, and the Goodfellow occupational therapists stay current on recent research to best provide evidence-based treatment.

Whether our staff is in the clinic or out at a school site, they work to improve the lives of children and their families. Through consultation and assessment, we determine what is needed and provide recommendations, strategies, and treatment interventions.

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Improving the lives of children and their families!